The Anatomy of HRH Andie: The Lifestyle Traveller

Hello There!!! It’s been a while since my last post. My apologies to my few readers and followers that my life went a little too crazy to handle that it took me two months to write any. However, the experiences I had in past months or so has given me a lot of reasons and creative juices to write everything down (most of the times writing it down on my thoughts) and publish it to this blog.

Let’s start with my anatomy, like what we used to study in health sciences when we were young and are only curious in the reproductive system (is it only me). I’d like to introduce myself in a way that is easy to digest, stylish and gay.

Gay. Yes, I am a gay traveller who maintains a prim and proper attitude amidst the stress and heat of the outside world. Poised while trekking a hill (haven’t tried the mountains yet), roaming the city or walking barefoot by the beach. Limp-wrist even while carrying a 30 kilogram suitcase on a 3-storey building using a staircase. Intimidating to look at aristocratic but when approached can bring rainbows and sunshine to your world (just a penny shy to be considered poor). Likes a variety of men — call me Benetton (United Colors) as long as they’re tall, lean and clean. Though my fear of STDs prevented me to going beyond lip-locking and cuddling (let’s not go down the unchartered territories).

Solo Traveler. I prefer traveling Solo because of a long history of family and friends cancelling trips at the last-minute. I am the one suffering from those unfortunate events. They didn’t know the excitement and the amount of mental preparation required for me to go on a trip ( plus the packing, shopping and toiletries needed to pack in a small duffle bag– never a back pack) then it will be cancelled a day or on the day itself. Anyway, travelling alone made me a stronger, braver and a more organize human being. I also have my freedom, to choose the places to visit with no time frames or others people’s restrictions. I get to meet people (both locals and travellers) and learn from them (so much learning and so much fun, sometimes touching and even tear jerking in so little time.)

Travel Light. I am an avid fan of traveling light without sacrificing style and comfort. I am a light packer considering my lifestyle and interests. As much as possible, I’d rather carry on a duffle bag than a back pack (nothing against back-packers I love them!) but in certain occasions I had to. Multifunctional clothing, gears and accessories are a must for me.

Stylish Traveler. I consider my style as classic. I prefer clean lines, well-balanced, nicely fitting clothes in neutral tones. I add colors to my outfit by tying a scarf on my neck and that’s it. My signature style is short-shorts (around 4 inches above the knees- never whorish), dark sunglasses, camel canvass/ leather bag, and a nice all around shoes. I have a basic make-up kit which consists of: good quality foundation, powder, pore-minimizer, contouring powder and blush, lip balm and hair gel (okay sun block but only at the beach- I know I am exposed). As I said earlier, duffle bags for me is a stylish way of traveling (roll your eyes– I know it can bring soreness on your back, neck and shoulders) but you would look better carrying it in any occasion.

Laid-back. I usually don’t have an itinerary, instead I just have my “to do and to visit list”. I just schedule my day early and work my way according to the proximity of places to go and things to do. So that in case I meet an interesting creature along the way and was invited I can gingerly tag along. It’s anything goes as long as my budget can handle it. I walk the streets that most tourists fail to go. I try what the locals do, eat and ride to fully experience the lifestyle of a locality (with my pore-minimizer and short-shorts of course).

Budget Traveler. I am a princess of travel deals — HRH duh! (It’s too much for me to claim the Queen-ship yet) I would source a nice deal on airfares, stay in hostels, ride the way locals do even if it is on a back of a motorbike or inside a rickety bus. I taste what local eat as long as it’s safe, I buy from local and look for restaurant deals and discounts.  I do not buy souvenirs, instead I take photos and print it out for the people that matters. And lives up to the phrase the art of doing (or should we say spending) nothing.

Loves the Beach. I do have an insatiable love for beaches – white sand though. I yearn to look at the sunsets and sunrises along the shores and capture it with my phone camera. I find peace while having long barefoot walks while the waves gently splashes on my feet. Sipping coconut juice or mojitos is my kind of day by the beach. This explains why I love Boracay so much, that I visit the island at least twice a year.

Healthy Living. I try to live healthy while traveling (desperately). I incorporate exercise or long walks each day to burn calories. I try to look for fresh food and vegetables in my daily diet and stay healthy by having adequate sleep, controlled number of mojito intakes and vitamins and lots of water. I can’t afford to get sick along the road, I fear that my Philippine health care cannot might not be enough to handle the expenses haha! If I fail to eat healthy and exercise I bloat… I literally bloat in a day or two, it’s a curse.

Safety and Security Freak. I am a paranoid being period. When my gut feel tells me to go, I go. When I face danger, I keep calm and focus on how to get out of the situation with minimal damage (remember I have doubts with my healthcare). I always secure my documents and carry a photocopy, I also have scanned it and saved in my emails. I always double check my luggage for drugs and other illegal things in it, especially when I am sharing a room whether with a friend or in a hostel. I don’t want to end up in jail and queue on a death row like a lot of drug mules. My secret to keep myself away from people that might take advantage of me is to create an intimidating stance and aura that will repel those evil doers and will allow them to think twice before messing up your coif.

Trying to be Finance Savvy. This is where I need your suggestions and help. I strive to stay on my budget and seek for ways and means to augment my budget using online income generating activities. Though I tried but I am yet to succeed. Maybe I need to open a paypal account; try online stock trading; do some data entry job, promote my fashion designs and art; maybe get some advertisers for this blog (I’m desperate); promote hotels, hostels, airlines, restaurants and bars; manage our van rental here in the Philippines and offer tour packages since I am passionate with travel and I know these by heart. I need all the help I can get here so I could continue traveling to exotic places, tropical beaches, and great cities. With your help I can maybe fly first class, stay in a 5 star hotel, eat in a nice restaurant, and try a crazy adventure and a nice ride.

I hope by this time you got to know me better. Feel free to ask questions, tips and comments on anything and everything (I’ll be honest and let you know if I have no idea haha) Hope to hear from you soon! And until my next feature. XOXO HRH Andie

The anatomy of HRH Andie


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